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September/October Fall Surf Season

Kids are back in school now and the summer season has drawn to a close. Traffic on the roads and at the beaches have mellowed out considerably compared to how it was over the summer. I always welcome this time of year :-)

Northern-Hemi Swells are starting to push in from storms off Japan, and I hear snow is already falling in the Rockies. This is a good sign…and something I look forward to as it signals the start of our Big Wave season. I have ordered a few special custom surfboards for this winter and I’m looking forward to riding them. We are all hopeful and Looking forward to an epic big waves season like last year!

Soul Surfing Maui’s guests can expect a mixture of south and north swells this Fall. Always a nice situation as it makes for waves on all sides of the island and this spreads out the crowds.
There’s usually a little something for everyone if you know where to look…. Let’s cross our fingers for Uncrowded Glassy Surf Times ahead!!!!!

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