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November Winter Kick-Off

Wow, so the Jaws Contest just finished up and Maui Boy Billy Kemper one it 2nd year in a row – Huge Congrats to this Man….what a Charger! Plus For the first time they had a female division in which Maui Girl Paige Alms took the crown. All things considered this Was a very Big Day For Pro surfing on Maui!!!!!

There are still a couple North Swells lining up for later this week though they do not look nearly as big as the 3 we just had. All These swells should be big enough to wrap around Maui and continue to make fun sized waves on the south shore for all the beginner surfers on Maui. Hopefully the Pacific storm pattern will stay active this year and provide great surfing conditions for all of Maui – My hopes are high for another Epic Season!

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