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SOUL SURFING MAUI Surf Camp is a great way to spoil your family, friends or colleagues and ignite a lifelong passion. And while there are many destination surf camps out there catering to the accomplished surfer, there are very few fully focused on comprehensively shaping the beginner. Soul Surfing Maui has developed a unique 6-Day Camp set up for doing just that!

This is simply the most personalized “Learn To Surf Camp” on Maui, and the accommodations are well-appointed with everything you need to be comfortable for your stay. Brian is hands-on with his guests, surfing everyday day with them in the most beautiful setting imaginable. Maui’s South shore offers ideal conditions for beginner surfers, but there are also a variety of waves around the west and north shore to suit advanced level surfers.  Surf conditions on Maui tend to be excellent: No crowds with plenty of waves to ride and warm water year round. This is an epic “LEARN HOW TO SURF” vacation destination, and the best part is no experience is required to attend. Soul Surfing Maui CAMP is co-ed, open to all ages, and accepts only one small family/group at a time.

Guests will surf at low stress surf locations where there is plenty of room to learn and you don’t have to worry about being in the way of other more experienced surfers. It is not necessary to bring or rent a surf board for your stay as all equipment, including boards tailored to your skill level, are provided.
The SSM style of instruction is thorough and comprehensive, and Brian prides himself in coaching with a smile.  Water safety, surf etiquette, reef awareness, wave selection, positioning, stance and style are head topics of every day. Brian will identify your personal strengths and weaknesses, then show you how to overcome and improve, eliminating bad habits before they start and improving skills at an accelerated pace. By the end of just one week, SSM promises to have you surfing at a level that will most certainly surpass your prior expectations.

Brian advises on hikes to waterfalls off the beaten path, horseback rides, Boat trips, snorkeling secluded bays where you will see a variety of sea life and dining around Maui’s top local restaurants. Brian is extremely motivated to see you have a memorable trip, and will make sure that you get a good taste of what Maui has to offer.

Caution: It is not unusual to see first time surfers get so stoked during their stay that they buy a new board, extend their trip and write a whole new life plan!

To join in on the fun, call Brian at (808) 870-7873  and make your reservation today!

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