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Beautiful Winter on Maui!

I’ve been to many beautiful places in the world, but I truly love my home on Maui…. And I’m reminded of this every time I return from travel – It’ like AHHHHHH….I’M HOME!!!
From the 10,000ft Peaks of Haleakala to the warm sand beaches below, Maui truly has a little bit of everything on offer: Lush Jungle on the east side, Lava fields on the south, rolling pastures Upcountry and white sand beaches along the Seashore…. Everything an out door person could want! And if you like to surf then there’s no better place on the planet in the winter months. I am So Lucky to live here and Stoked to share favorite Surf Spots with my clients each day.
For the Pro’s here Lately the surfing on the North Shore has been fun, but nothing big and scary…at least not yet…I don’t believe Jaws has had a proper XXL day this seaosn. But still there’s pretty much always a special session to be found somewhere if you don’t mind doing a little driving. My friends and I all hoped this year would provide High Quality XXL sized North swells such as last winter, But this was not the case. Seasons like Last Year rarely repeat themselves and for sure it was one for the History Books! Still Maui has had plenty of waves action for all levels to keep everyone wet and happy.

I have been lucky enough to divide my time this winter between Snowboarding in Tahoe and surfing with my ‘Soul Surfing Maui’ guests. And it’s not over by far, We still have a few weeks of winter possibilities…. And if I’m very lucky maybe I can sneak in one more Tahoe run :-)

Aloha for now and enjoy our winter season while it’s here!

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