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I was just thinking, The Hawaiian summer surf season is about at it’s Half way point today, and another 6 weeks or so of south swells and our Southern Hemi Storm action will begin it’s transition to the Northern Hemisphere…..then kids will be back in school, the island relaxes and our 2016 winter swell season will be upon us. Time flies when your having fun……but this summer is really going by fast….. Or Maybe I’m just getting older…..HA

But For now we will continue to enjoying consistent south swells perfect for my traveling guests who are just getting stoked on surfing. Nothing big hitting lately, but plenty of fun sized swells to keep us busy on longboards. I have met many cool people this summer and I’ve really enjoyed the company of my students. I have found if you take the time to get to know people nearly everybody brings something of worth to the table. I’m never just making their lives better by sharing what I know, my students share what they know and that my life enriches as well. This morning I shared a special session with my guests Jonas and Lisa from Sweden who are here for 3 days on a “Surf N Stay” package, They are the coolest people and I’m stoked to know them. Then Tomorrow I’ll have my last surf session with the Mathissens ( family of 6 traveling from Denmark ) who have become close friends – We had a great week surfing together and I will not forget them. I think The best thing about my Job is the lasting relationships built along the way that can only be achieved by spending time together……… and come to think of it chasing waves with a friend is about the best way to ‘Hang-Out’ that their is :-)

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