MAUI is a beautiful place to be in the winter months. Gotta love how the ocean stays warm year round and no wetsuit is ever needed.  And always plenty of fun surf to be had if you know where to look. This time of year we look to the northern hemisphere for our wave blessings. Large storm systems forming here are key to a fun winter surf season, and right now there are several promising Low Pressures sending swells down from Alaska. Fingers crossed for light winds and sunny skies when these swells arrive!  Wishing everyone an Awesome “Wave-Filled” Holiday Season!


Well Folks, I’d say this was was the ‘Slowest’ South Swell Summer in at least a decade. But that’s how it goes when you’re dealing with Mother Nature….Some summers see back to back South Swells while others see calm seas. We just have to be grateful and make the best with whatever is there each day. Still I had an amazing summer surfing with my visiting guests and spreading the love of surfing.

Summer is not over just yet: Just As This 2017 Summer Season is coming to a close, a long awaited south swell has begun to push. Generated by a significant storm east of New Zealand, this new swell should provide 4 or 5 days of Fun Sized surf for Maui. Enjoy it while it’s here everyone as there is not much swell on the radar for next week. Time to paddle out and catch a few – ALOHA !


Kids are out of school and the Summer Surf Vibe is in the air. Gotta Love Hawaii! South swells coming up from New Zealand have been fairly consistent since Memorial Day, and next week there are Two Swells that look to be heading our way. The first South-West pulse should start filling in over the weekend, then a reinforcing swell will back that up Monday. If all holds true we should score a 7 to 10 day run of Great waves….. “Soul Surfing Maui” guests are in for a real treat…. Lets get out there and Enjoy it…..Fingers crossed for an Epic Summer Season!


WooooHoooo That was one of the busiest Spring Holidays I can remember….Glad to say the crowds have gone and Maui feels back to normal again. I will enjoy this six week period till Summer Break starts….then we have to brace for our next busy Period.

The Waves This last Spring Break Period were Fun and Glassy pretty much every day. I Always feel very fortunate when Swells coincide with the Kids School Break and Peak Tourist Times, This way everyone gets some and there’s more than enough great waves to go around. I was out there Teaching Classes every day this season and the vibe in the water was pretty Chill even on the busy weekend days. I was stoked to see so many great rides being had by both Local Surfers and SSM students. Here at “Soul Surfing Maui” You don’t have to be a Pro Surfer to have the Greatest time. There is a saying I Like: “The Best Surfer in The Water is the Surfer with the Biggest Smile”. If this is true then Jeff ( Pictured Here ) gets the “Gold” on this particular day. Ride On Jeff :-)


WOW…..what a Beautiful weekend to celebrate Easter! We currently have Back to Back South swells hitting Maui and more on the way. Can’t really ask for anything more, the waves gods have been quite kind. There is a lot of people on the island right now so remember to be patient, take your time and try not to rush ( especially on the roads ). My final thought for this Holiday: Let’s be thankful for all we have and remember that sharing is what it’s all about. Help a friend, Help a Stranger, Give a wave, Give a smile. Even the smallest effort can make the world a Finer place to live :-)

Today is going to be an awesome day – Get out there and ride some waves if you can.
Aloha and have an Awesome Holiday !

Beautiful Winter on Maui!

I’ve been to many beautiful places in the world, but I truly love my home on Maui…. And I’m reminded of this every time I return from travel – It’ like AHHHHHH….I’M HOME!!!
From the 10,000ft Peaks of Haleakala to the warm sand beaches below, Maui truly has a little bit of everything on offer: Lush Jungle on the east side, Lava fields on the south, rolling pastures Upcountry and white sand beaches along the Seashore…. Everything an out door person could want! And if you like to surf then there’s no better place on the planet in the winter months. I am So Lucky to live here and Stoked to share favorite Surf Spots with my clients each day.
For the Pro’s here Lately the surfing on the North Shore has been fun, but nothing big and scary…at least not yet…I don’t believe Jaws has had a proper XXL day this seaosn. But still there’s pretty much always a special session to be found somewhere if you don’t mind doing a little driving. My friends and I all hoped this year would provide High Quality XXL sized North swells such as last winter, But this was not the case. Seasons like Last Year rarely repeat themselves and for sure it was one for the History Books! Still Maui has had plenty of waves action for all levels to keep everyone wet and happy.

I have been lucky enough to divide my time this winter between Snowboarding in Tahoe and surfing with my ‘Soul Surfing Maui’ guests. And it’s not over by far, We still have a few weeks of winter possibilities…. And if I’m very lucky maybe I can sneak in one more Tahoe run :-)

Aloha for now and enjoy our winter season while it’s here!

2017 Is Here – Happy New Years From Maui!

January has been bright and Sunny on the south shore lately and fun waves have been lapping into both sides of the island – I hope this Cherry weather continues on. Luckily We received enough rain in December to take us out of Brush Fire danger and turn the South Maui mountains green again – Always nice to see the florescent colors in the mountains this time of year. Looking forward to enjoying 2017 and having a blast with my “Soul Surfing Maui” Guests. Lets catch some waves and make it a year to remember!

November Winter Kick-Off

Wow, so the Jaws Contest just finished up and Maui Boy Billy Kemper one it 2nd year in a row – Huge Congrats to this Man….what a Charger! Plus For the first time they had a female division in which Maui Girl Paige Alms took the crown. All things considered this Was a very Big Day For Pro surfing on Maui!!!!!

There are still a couple North Swells lining up for later this week though they do not look nearly as big as the 3 we just had. All These swells should be big enough to wrap around Maui and continue to make fun sized waves on the south shore for all the beginner surfers on Maui. Hopefully the Pacific storm pattern will stay active this year and provide great surfing conditions for all of Maui – My hopes are high for another Epic Season!

September/October Fall Surf Season

Kids are back in school now and the summer season has drawn to a close. Traffic on the roads and at the beaches have mellowed out considerably compared to how it was over the summer. I always welcome this time of year :-)

Northern-Hemi Swells are starting to push in from storms off Japan, and I hear snow is already falling in the Rockies. This is a good sign…and something I look forward to as it signals the start of our Big Wave season. I have ordered a few special custom surfboards for this winter and I’m looking forward to riding them. We are all hopeful and Looking forward to an epic big waves season like last year!

Soul Surfing Maui’s guests can expect a mixture of south and north swells this Fall. Always a nice situation as it makes for waves on all sides of the island and this spreads out the crowds.
There’s usually a little something for everyone if you know where to look…. Let’s cross our fingers for Uncrowded Glassy Surf Times ahead!!!!!


I was just thinking, The Hawaiian summer surf season is about at it’s Half way point today, and another 6 weeks or so of south swells and our Southern Hemi Storm action will begin it’s transition to the Northern Hemisphere…..then kids will be back in school, the island relaxes and our 2016 winter swell season will be upon us. Time flies when your having fun……but this summer is really going by fast….. Or Maybe I’m just getting older…..HA

But For now we will continue to enjoying consistent south swells perfect for my traveling guests who are just getting stoked on surfing. Nothing big hitting lately, but plenty of fun sized swells to keep us busy on longboards. I have met many cool people this summer and I’ve really enjoyed the company of my students. I have found if you take the time to get to know people nearly everybody brings something of worth to the table. I’m never just making their lives better by sharing what I know, my students share what they know and that my life enriches as well. This morning I shared a special session with my guests Jonas and Lisa from Sweden who are here for 3 days on a “Surf N Stay” package, They are the coolest people and I’m stoked to know them. Then Tomorrow I’ll have my last surf session with the Mathissens ( family of 6 traveling from Denmark ) who have become close friends – We had a great week surfing together and I will not forget them. I think The best thing about my Job is the lasting relationships built along the way that can only be achieved by spending time together……… and come to think of it chasing waves with a friend is about the best way to ‘Hang-Out’ that their is :-)